Human Evolution

  When the phone rings, we do not wonder deeply about the meaning of ringing sounds. We pick up the phone and answer it.

  Much has been said of what will become of humanity. A great deal of it comes from what has been inferred by ancient symbols left behind by learned leaders and mystics of societies irretrievably lost or irrevocably altered in days long past. In attempting to examine and interpret them, bear in mind that symbols are not intended to cause us to endlessly debate symbols. Though it is certainly not wrong for us to explore what may originally have been meant by those who have used them in various contexts, their ultimate purpose is to trigger us to clue in to larger ideas, not make us argue about the representations themselves. When the phone rings, we do not wonder deeply about the meaning of ringing sounds. We can be signaled just as well by a bland electronic series of beeps, a sound effect from a favorite movie, or a few notes of a song specially selected as a ring tone. Once our attention is drawn, we do not just recognize that a call is coming in. We pick up the phone and answer it.

  The phone is ringing...

  Will there be chosen believers who will be rescued from destruction while others perish? Will we all be wiped out as a result of our own carelessness... or perhaps simply by the natural shifting of disinterested sands? Will we evolve into something higher? When and how will the coming changes occur? Do not bother to busy yourself with wrestling others over the insignificant details and the timing of such major events. It is interesting to discuss but not worth fighting over. Watch signs and trends, but not to pin down predictions or to exalt yourself as one who knows, lest you embarrass yourself. Pay attention in order to prepare for whatever may come. Remember that, regardless of what happens to us, individually or collectively, during life or in death, our most foundational responsibility as human beings does not change.

  Let us suppose here, to illuminate the point, that at least some of us might evolve into something that is perhaps spiritually, if not in other ways, beyond what humans are today. Do you recall the question of the chicken and the egg? Outside of satisfying curiosity, it does not really matter which came first. It does not even matter if there was slow progress or a great and sudden leap. For whatever reason, it was time for change, and now chickens exist. Perhaps the immediate predecessor to the chicken itself evolved at some point during its own life, thus becoming able to lay a chicken egg that would hatch into offspring like itself. Perhaps the predecessor did not evolve but simply laid a mutated egg and did not reject the unusual offspring. Hence this new kind of creature survived.

  Next, consider the idea of an evolution in human consciousness. Now, if consciousness is at issue, would it seem unreasonable to think that conscious preparation for the event might be worthwhile? When we learn and contemplate, our understanding can take anything from small steps to great leaps in new directions.

  So, for consciousness to evolve, a certain awareness and readiness might be needed, not just a shift in our environment which might require adaptation. This would help us whether we take the next step ourselves or are needed to raise the children born into it - or the children who will one day raise those children.

  And what should we do to prepare? If the ideals of character in our consciousness and the artistic inclinations in our hearts are what distinguish us as evolved from our primate ancestors and as developed in certain ways beyond their other descendants, would not it make sense to say we should take care to cultivate these traits to the highest degree possible and to demonstrate them as often and as sincerely as possible? If we are building up from our current state, how can we take the next step in consciousness when we are not consciously making the most of the current one? We cannot afford to leave this task unattended or to perform it halfheartedly. Therefore, it is for each person who is able and inclined to do so to engage in this pursuit as much as possible, in every aspect of life possible. The more able and inclined the individual, the better. After all, whether any particular person will be the evolver or the parent or other support of the evolved, if there really is evolution to take place, that process and its result are benefited by such attention.

  But it is also true that you are your own self-aware person, living right now, and concerned with the events of your own life and times. And so, in light of all this, cast your eye toward three things: the journey and the traveler for the sake of their own worth as they go, the journey and the traveler as determiners of the characteristics of both the destination and the traveler's own self upon arrival, and the destination and the arriving traveler for the sake of their worth. It is not really necessary for you to know (or think you know) exactly how the whole picture will look when all is said and done. But do be mindful of what you would like the nature of that picture, people included, to be. There are attractive ways to get ugly things and ugly ways to get attractive things, but neither of those paths come to anything truly beautiful inside or between the ones who take them.

  In other words, regardless of whatever else is revealed, your most basic task is always this: live out the best of what it is to be human as well as you are able in the midst of your human imperfection.

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