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  When you laugh from deep in the belly but at no one's expense, when you let someone cry on your shoulder with compassion and without pressing judgment, when you encourage a child for the child's sake and not your own vicarious fulfillment, when you sing out love without demand, when you feed the hungry out of caring rather than pity or self-satisfaction, when your friendships are about genuine friendship, when the giving of your aid creates joy rather than debt, when your regard for the humanity of others is true, when you embrace learning, when you really make love, when your arguments are for the purpose of shedding light and promoting justice instead of striking up anguish or furthering strife, when you celebrate that a new and unique day has dawned yet again, when you attend to the spiritual because it fills and completes and not for entertainment or aggrandizement, and particularly when you are appropriately mindful while you do, you commune with Ultimate Divine Spirit.

  To commune is not simply to obey the Law Giver. It is not to surrender all will to the Mastermind. It is to be in accord by desire, consent, and intent. It is to be both personal and personable, and to receive in kind; to touch and to intermingle. This is the quiet mysticism of every day. This is the hidden activity practiced out in the open. This is partaking of the Secret in Plain Sight. It is to invite this communion that it is made known, down through the ages, what is asked of us.

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