Turn Away from Warring

the Basica

  If people did not persist in missing what is most important and foundational, harming each other and themselves over what they focus on instead, it would not be necessary to keep restating over and over, in so many different ways, the things that really matter.

  It is made clear in the Basica that we should neither oppress each other over religious belief nor injure each other over spiritual objects, despite the commonality of such behavior throughout the history of the world. What may also need to be pointed out is that many people will line themselves up along religious lines and then abuse those of other faiths over politics or other issues. This makes no more sense and is no more right than direct religious persecution. It simply becomes a backhanded way of accomplishing just about the same thing with about the same attitude.

  In fact, whether the argument is about the finer details of interpretation of a sacred text or what is perceived as a major and significant difference between one person or group and another, if persecution is involved, the problem and its source are the same. It is only a matter of which differences are considered an acceptable excuse for engaging in that persecution.

  One who follows the Basican Guide with true understanding should have or develop the willingness and ability to deal with others over politics and other matters in the same spirit in which they deal with others over religion. In this way, the 3 Ideals of Conduct are applied not only amongst all people but across all fields.

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