Laying Bare the Bones

the Basica

  What does it mean to say that the Basican Guide strips away enshrouding features to lay bare the bones of ethical spirituality? Surely this does not mean mystery is not honored within the Guide or the Basica as a whole. In fact, mystery is the first of the Essential Influences mentioned in the Guide. We can neither deny its existence nor its effect upon and benefit to us. But in the Basican Guide, what is asked of humanity in order for us to live harmoniously together is brought out from the sometime cloak of secret practices, societies, symbols, and language. This knowledge is not presented as being a hidden manual for an elite to study but as one of the many resources available for any persons of conscience. It is clear enough to be understood by anyone and brief enough so that all its parts can be both known in a short period of time and remembered with ease. Upon this solid frame is built all the rest of a Basican's life and practice.

  And now at least one reason can be explained for why the turkey vulture appears in the Basica. While harboring mystery of its own, it unmasks inner structure, allowing it to be exposed to the sunlight of day and reunited with its ultimate source. Without such action being a part of earthly happenings, there would be no life.

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