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  Basicanism is a set of beliefs and practices based on a clearly outlined guide that allows people to develop their character and spiritual lives in a free and responsible manner. That guide, contained in a book called the Basica, lays bare the bones of ethical spirituality by stripping away enshrouding features and presenting a solid foundation of ideas, values, and prompts toward implementation. In its simplicity, it bridges the gap between spiritual outlook and secular conduct. At the same time, its concepts allow for much deeper contemplation over the span of a lifetime. The practice can be explored as deeply as the practitioner, called a Basican, wishes to go. It is a way suited well for the independently minded, as there is no official body with the authority to dictate to the individual. It is a system appropriate for the broadminded, as it attacks no other path and no follower of another path simply for being other than Basican.

4 Categories of Essential Influence   3 Ideals of Conduct   2 Spiritual Principles
A Call to Act with Conscience and Integrity

3 Explicit Prohibitions

  The hardcopy version of the Basica (pronounced, in the case of said book, as the English word "basic" with "uh" at the end, while maintaining the accent on the first syllable) was written by an ordinary person in 1997, after several years of personal spiritual search and exploration. It was subsequently self-published in the United States of America. The book was short, consisting of 27 handwritten pages, some of which included hand drawn pictures and one of which contained a photocopy of a physical object. It was reproduced at a copy store and distributed both personally by the author and through three local stores. A profit was never made - or intended to be made - by this distribution.

  In 2002, an electronic version of the Basica was created by the author and made available online for download. While avoiding making the book unaffordable to produce, this method allowed it to be distributed to anyone who wanted it, without the need to contact the author, be in the local area, or engage in any monetary exchange. This version also required fewer pages when printed out. The electronic version was subsequently revised, in some minor clarifying detail, in 2005.

  In 2016, the Statement of Source in the electronic version was modified to be more inclusive by using a gender neutral pronoun. Modification of online information about the book followed suit. This change attempts to remove any potential sex specific barrier to the ability of readers to relate to the contents - a move inspired by the transition of the author from female to male. The hardcopy version has not been reproduced since the very early years of publication.

  It is hoped that the Basica will be of at least some help to anyone who reads it, whether they actually become Basicans or not.

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