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  To have compassion is neither indulgent nor condescending. To give it is not weak or self-defeating. It is humble, sincere, dignified, and respectful. Above all, it is kind and loving. The power of compassion can be both subtle and profound. When one has true spiritual understanding and chooses the way of freedom, one not only sees the reason but feels the need to become dedicatedly compassionate. What else could make sense, in light of all that has been done and learned?

  Compassion can seem to flow easily, or it may feel as though it takes great effort. But, like mercy and forgiveness, it is the way. Whatever else we feel, think, say, or do, we must cultivate and pour out compassion. This is our task. As much as life holds joy and pleasure, it also contains pain and suffering. And there is no foundation more right for dealing with it than compassion, towards oneself and towards others.

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