Everyone and No One

the Basica

  What does it mean to say something applies to everyone or is true of no one? It means all persons. It does no good to say everyone is equal, we all have purpose, or no one's purpose is to be a victim if we do not apply these ideas both to people unlike ourselves and to ourselves personally.

  Basicanism is not an elitist path, nor is it a method of needless martyrdom. Therefore, if we exclude others purely out of prejudice or tend to others to the exclusion of taking reasonable care of ourselves, we fail to follow it properly. Yes, there are times when we must take an action that others may find unpleasant. And it is true that we are sometimes called upon to make personal sacrifice for the sake of others. But let us not mar ourselves by fighting those whose mere existence does us no harm, inventing injury where there is none, and laying blame where it does not belong. Likewise, let us not trap ourselves and damage our ability to do others any real good by putting ourselves at needless risk, denying when we have been wronged, or giving in to self pity and resigning ourselves to an unnecessarily miserable fate.

  Let egotism and despair mask themselves neither as self-defense nor altruism. Let us not share pain or responsibility by spreading or accepting abuse.

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