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  Any servant of spirit and faith serves not only Ultimate Divine Spirit and the faithful of their own religion (or the faithful in general) but all persons in need, however distant from the servant's own ways and beliefs. The Catholic Pope is not just the Pope of all the Catholics. He is Pope of all the world. The Dalai Lama is not just Dalai Lama of all Tibetan Buddhists. He is Dalai Lama of all the world. Even the most newly minted rabbi of the smallest, most far flung congregation is rabbi not only of his tiny temple but of all the whole world. And so it is for the most obscure and independent lay shelterkeep. In fact, any individual's devoted service celebrates love and compassion and honors all that is holy. In this way, each person becomes the helper of all people, taking the whole of humanity into their care and embrace as they move through life.

  Be patient with yourself and others. Be mindful of your responsibilities as you go, grateful for the aid of others, and joyous in your work. In every moment is a potential opportunity of service dedicated to the Greatest and Most High. Even the smallest kernel of kindness and respect can hold hidden and unexpected grace such as can change an entire life - or life everywhere.

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