Ultimate Divine Spirit

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  The words of peoples are filled with implications. At the same time, being only symbols of the things they are made to represent, they can fail to express meaning exactly and completely. This is never more true than when attempting to name or explain the true and essential nature of Ultimate Divine Spirit. Trying to fully describe It with the words of human language is like trying to fill all the beaches of the world with five chips of crudely hand-crushed stone. But It can speak of Itself as simply and elegantly as the sea filling a footprint in the sand.

  Human beings have suggested so many possibilities for what could be spiritual truths. But what is behind all that possibility? What is the source of possibility itself? Something profound and divine that is occurring, not just being. Something that is not bound by our speculations. A Mystery we can seek, trust, commit to, wrestle with, or attempt to ignore and deny. That is the Ultimate about which we wonder.

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