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  Because we can all harm each other at so many times and in so many ways, both intentional and unintentional, we must have at least some level of trust in at least some people under some circumstances in order to relax. Otherwise, we would constantly be in a state of unresolved defensiveness. Such an ongoing defensive condition is what we know as "bad" stress. It is the activation of the fight or flight response, accompanied by a lack of any reasonable action that can be taken which will utilize it and allow it to be shut off when finished. This kind of stress has been proven both physically and mentally injurious. Alternately, trust promotes health.

  Trust involves a feeling accompanied by an expectation. The feeling is one of security. The expectation is that it is unnecessary to be on guard against harm, even if harm is somehow possible, because the harm will not be delivered; in other words, that it is all right to be vulnerable. Without risk, there is no vulnerability. Without vulnerability, safety loses meaning and cannot be fully appreciated. This is because, without vulnerability, nothing is demanded of the individual, and the inner landscape is dulled.

  Vulnerability can be frightening. The ability to overcome fear is a great strength. The power of Ultimate Divine Spirit is without limit, and we must have trust in order to be open to that Spirit, especially if we are to make any commitment to It. We must have trust in order to be open to love, so joyous and life-giving. Trust, therefore, is sacred. While teaching reasonable caution is a virtue, causing chronic lack of trust by violating it is an affront to God.

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