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  If the world we perceive is illusion; if there is nothing, not even you or I; but, at the same time, if love is real, and hope and fear and rage and honor and respect; if these are not simply electrochemical emotions and ideas but intangibles of the Ultimate; and if that which is not is None, while that which is is One; if that which is is exactly what it is, exists to exist - simply is... the questions of destiny versus free will, life of the spirit after death of the body, whether or not time is linear, and others of a similar nature all become unnecessary and irrelevant. There is really only one profound concern, one choice to make as we find our way through our multiplicitous world - only one. What will we each be? This is the choice of the individual meeting with the reality of God. Concrete reality is the expression of and the vehicle for the intangible. This is where being is doing is being. Whatever other choices may or may not truly be ours to make, whatever else we may find interesting or useful for more specific purposes, we have this: Be love. Be truth. Be generosity. Be forgiveness. Or be hate and distrust and deviousness. But take care in your decision. It is simple but not easy or without consequence. Remember that All is within All. What would you have be in All?

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