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  We say, as a people, that a criminal element has arisen in our society. Examining current conditions to discover what might lie behind this is quite important, of course. To further aid us in seeing what might be done about it, it also bears great fruit to search history for the sake of better understanding how it has developed and how this history affects and is affected by other facets of life. But, then, use what is useful. Do not waste your time affixing blame. Heed this in the case of your own personal missteps, as well: While admitting responsibility is honorable, simply blaming yourself for a thing is not the same as doing something about it.

  A crime is committed. Is this because of society or the individual who did the deed? By the time you finish arguing about who is at fault for the person's bad behavior, who will care anymore about the wrong itself? By the end of such wrangling and finger pointing, the opportunity to properly and effectively deal with the problem may have slipped away. Depending on the situation, handling it correctly may involve a host of efforts, resources, and strategies. If a single wrong cannot be dealt with in the right way, what hope is there for stemming the tide of wrongs to follow? And so we must comprehend both personal and societal events and circumstances without abusing our ability to know.

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