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  In dealing with both actual calamity and unnecessary drama, do your best to project genuine maturity, stability, calm, sincerity, respect, and, whenever possible and reasonable, friendliness. It is much less than ideal, though, to attempt to simply impose this condition upon yourself at the last minute, when you realize you need it in order to deal with something specific. Far better is to grow into it over the whole course of your life, allowing it to become true to your being, or else it may elude you - perhaps in a crucial moment. If your effort is forced, your presentation of yourself may suffer, as, then, will whatever you hope to accomplish.

  From personal matters to world affairs, there is a great deal with which all of us must cope. In the midst of this turbulence, de-escalation is invaluable. It is not that emotion should be denied. Feelings should be allowed to flow naturally, and people should be honest with themselves about what those feelings are. Situations, however, can become strewn with pointless and misdirecting obstacles, and people can become much more absorbed, narrowly focused, and tightly wound than is either healthy or helpful. Allowing everyone to breathe and step back for a fresh view eases the tension and allows for harmonious resolution. Every person involved who takes an attentive, thoughtful, relaxed approach helps to lead the way toward wisdom and balance.

  Start from where you are. It can take time for a new method or attitude to become the way of things amongst even a small group of people. Making this the way of the world may seem an overwhelming, impossible task, given how humanity seems historically driven to make war. But we must take courage and go on anyway. Each of us must begin with those around us, persisting even when chaos seems to be erupting both far and near. Keep love in your heart and peace in your mind as you weather and navigate the storms you encounter, be they internal or external, personal to you or to others. Your steady, reassuring presence and kind, reasonable manner may be more important than you know.

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