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  There is a difference between the act of inviting Divine contact and that of delving more deeply into the study and exploration of mystery. To delve calls upon the individual to deal with greater preparation and responsibilities. But to simply welcome Ultimate Divine Spirit into your life to touch and affect you, it is only necessary to be humble, open, and willing. Profound experiences can result from just that, and it can be the beginning of something more beautiful and wondrous than you can imagine.

  You can learn more than you might expect from simply being open. But if you decide to dedicate yourself beyond that, do not let yourself be intimidated by the prospect of what must be done. If it is appropriate for you, you will find yourself capable of it. Whether you continue only in the worthy path of striving to be open or you decide to move deeper into the realm of mystery and the discovery of what that asks of you, bear some things in mind:

  Both journeys can bring you great joy, but they will not prevent ordinary life and natural emotions from occurring. Your dishes await. Traffic can still jam ahead of you. Strife of varying sorts and degrees can still come your way. And all the natural passages of life - birth, the beginning and ending of relationships, injury, illness, death - will continue in their grand cycles. Rather than allowing you to escape difficulties and changes, your travels should come to help you face and embrace them without losing faith. You may still sometimes feel shaken, crushed, or turned on your head, but you will also still rediscover your joy. This is living in harmony and balance, and it will come to you.

  Be yourself - your own person. What is most effective for someone else may not be the best way for you. Realize and accept that neither direction makes anyone better than another who has chosen otherwise. Also understand that you can move from one path to the other as you desire or feel called upon to do. And know that some of what you find and some of what you must struggle with may not be unlike what you would deal with if you had chosen differently.

  Some of what takes long to explain may not necessarily take so long to do, and some of what is stated in complex or detailed terms may turn out to be very simple to execute. Therefore, what lies ahead may not always be so monumental to accomplish as it at first may seem - though the reverse may also sometimes be true. If it could not be done, no one would have done it. And many who have were just as concerned by doubts about whether they were capable or worthy as you may sometimes feel.

  You need not be perfect to begin. Indeed, as a human being, you will never be perfect, except in being perfectly human and perfectly as you are. In reviewing your mistakes and imperfections, both as you go and in looking to your past, remember that you may find yourself most freely able to see and accept the best in yourself once you have been forthcoming and honest about the worst. So, do not fear to open your eyes. You are no better or worse than anyone else.

  Bless you on your journey. May it bring you to your greatest heights of freedom, joy, love, and peace. Let Spirit dwell within you.

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