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  Among the things that are natural to human beings are these two: the deep inclination toward faith and the powerful struggle of doubt in it. For someone to whom a strong and consistent ongoing faith comes immediately and effortlessly, perhaps life is too simple and easy.

  Doubt comes to different people in different ways, for different reasons. It is doubt that, to most people, comes easily. If finding and maintaining unwavering faith were easy, everyone would be doing it.

  To hold tightly to faith when doubt might seem most justified shows great character and devotion. But to persist in the trust and commitment it takes to continue with true heart to do what one knows is right, even through the longest, hardest stretches of doubt in the concepts of God and Divine purpose that may have originally motivated the doing, not only is the greatest confirmation of faith but also perhaps one of the most touching displays of genuine humanity and strength in the face of frailty that can be found.

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