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  It is easy to believe that, once you have arrived at what seems to be Ultimate Truth or Ultimate Understanding, you will exist in a kind of Utopian state. People often believe the same thing will happen when they achieve the conditions under which they will feel that their life is on track and they have all the things they ever wanted. But spirit and life are dynamic. A static, Utopian state would be unnatural.

  It is to be expected that ordinary ups and downs will still occur, even after extraordinary experience. If you have been transformed, you must learn to go on in a new way, not just expect everyone and everything around you to automatically adapt to your new expectations. You cannot reach people or effect change simply by insisting on it. Even from within, you will still recognize some old, familiar turbulence. If you are unprepared for this, you risk suffering a sharp decline as you struggle with the threat of disillusionment and dismissal of what seemed so wonderful only a short time before.

  Do not be afraid to go on living your everyday life. It is actually not the flash of insight that makes for the extraordinary transformation you seek. It is the integration of it into your life, the implementation of whatever tools you gain by it, and the building upon it step by step as you go that makes all the difference. In other words, the true Ultimate is in what comes after the flash.

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