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  Feel your feelings. This does not mean always to act on them in the very first way that occurs to you. Simply do not hide from what you feel. If you are afraid, be frightened and know that fear. Do not automatically push it away; instead, open yourself fully to it, in honesty and with directness. Open up the fear itself to look inside. This is not wallowing or falling apart. This is showing courage and developing both strength and wisdom. What you may, at first, believe will overwhelm you may actually prove to be your ally - or at least not be the great beast you at first perceived.

  Face fully your sorrow, also. Confront your rage. Embrace your loneliness and even your boredom. Throw yourself headlong into your embarrassment until it meets your mirth. Gently unlock your shyness and befriend it.

  Enjoy your calm, as well. Bask in happiness. Soak up contentment. Celebrate excitement. Revel in love.

  Unearth the secrets of all your emotions. Do not be overshadowed or imprisoned by them. Know when to set them to the side. But be alive in them, or you will surely be stopped dead by them, whatever they may be.

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