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  Now that you have come this far, look again to your foundation. Basicans, look again at the Basica. Read again the Basican Guide, and understand it more fully than before. Realize how much more there is than what you may originally have thought in what seems, at first, to be such a simple text. See why it is written as it is. Remind yourself of its contents, living out what you find there, daily; develop good practice in such prayer, meditation, and other ritual and ceremony as you find can aid you. Remember: it is not the wording of the Guide or that it appears in the Basica that gives it merit. It is what those words convey and where both the meaning of that content and the communication itself come from. Rejoice whenever you find others who have received the same message, in whatever words and from whatever tradition, if any. Which is the earthly resource from which someone might draw the information is unimportant. The Divine Source and what we are taught are the things that truly matter.

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