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  In looking across the mystic traditions of the world and comparing what we learn of them to what we personally experience, we may ask, "Are my steps to development the same as theirs, despite differences in terminology? Is my sense of an observing Consciousness the same as their sense of an observing Consciousness? Is my knowledge of Wholeness the same as their knowledge of Wholeness? Is my realization of Nothingness the same as their realization of Nothingness?"

  But then we must ask ourselves if these are the questions we really want to be asking. It does help to get affirmation that we are heading in the right direction. It is satisfying to have conversations involving mutual understanding. But perhaps we most need to ask ourselves, "How best can I live each day by what I think I've learned? How can I continue to deepen my understanding of what I've discovered? And, if I think I've found Truth, what further Truth might there be beyond that Truth?"

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