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  To some, because all things must end, each in their time, there is not any reason to be careful or reasonable. It is not so much faith that we are well cared for that prompts their lack of concern. It is only a sense that we may as well get while the getting is good. For example, if global warming will bring about the end of life on our planet - and if it may be far too late to stop it - they may argue, why not go ahead and mine the earth for everything it holds, burn our fuels, cut down all the trees, and continue to disregard the dangers posed by the uncontrolled growth of our worldwide population? And, in truth, our environmental future may be that bleak - though nothing is certain, and the future is not for us to peer into. Not to be fatalistic, but just to be honest with ourselves, we must admit may not win this one.

  What does this mean? Should we follow those who say grab what you can while you can? Is the idea that our chapter on earth may come to a close a reason to abandon all effort and hope? No. And why not?

  Because it is not about winning. It really is about how the game is played. We show what we are made of not only in hard times or good times but in limited times, as well. What do we do when we know a thing will end - or even just suspect that it will? What sacrifices do we make, and what do we hold on to, even when we know we cannot halt our progress toward that finish line? Honorable conduct matters both when we believe something will continue indefinitely and when we know there are limits, just as good sportsmanship counts for both winning and losing players. It is as important to handle well the accepting of the end of a good thing as it is the endurance of an extended difficulty or struggle.

  Live with joy, not with bitterness; and maintain your honor and integrity. Whether we last for countless generations more or only for a short while, this is what you will want to be able to look back and say you have done.

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