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  When given a choice, which is it that can help bring us nearer to Ultimate Divine Spirit: to make all of us be alike or to allow ourselves to be different from each other?

  Oppression is ugly. What if we were to take away the excuses for our prejudices? Would we then be genderless clones, all following the same worldwide religion? Would we be grown in a laboratory, thus eliminating childhood? Would we euthanize the sick, the injured, the variantly formed, the elderly? And how far would we be willing to go so that a difference previously ignored would not come to replace an erased one as an excuse for those hungry for power or wanting to build themselves up by putting others down in order to divide the world into the worthy and the unworthy?

  If the universe were intended to have no diversity, would it not be made up entirely of only one kind of building block that neither consumed nor excreted so that nothing need exist but endless copies of itself? That is not life! Look around you and see life! Then ask yourself what is pleasing to that most profound Spirit.

  There is more that is different within each of us than that is different between us. We all have skin, bones, organs, bodily systems. But how different is your own ear from your blood? How unlike are your lungs and your eyelashes? All your whole body is made up of cells; this the diverse parts of you have in common. But the cells are different from each other, function differently, do different things. And each part of the cell has a different purpose. Then again, are they not all made up of atoms?

  You and I and others laugh and smile, shed tears, love, become angry, have been born and will die... On the other hand, our skin and hair and eyes are different. Our lives are different. Our ancesters were different people. We may come from very different cultures. Many of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are different. But we all come from somewhere, have reason to be, and share the right to be who and what we are.

  We are similar and dissimilar in layers. And so it is between us and the rocks, the trees, the insects, the earth itself, and that which lies beyond our world. This is beautiful, and this is as it was meant to be.

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