The Labor of Maturing

the Basica

  Many people today believe, because the world's religions have been corrupted and fought over, that they must all either be replaced by a new one to be practiced by all or simply done away with entirely. A Basican is more inclined to believe, because the cause of the corruption of the world's religions and the fighting across lines of religion is an aspect of spiritual immaturity - or unreadiness, to put it another way - on the part of some of the followers, that the solution is for anyone who can be of service to go out and, whenever possible and appropriate, aid in the maturing of the people. Of course, such action should certainly be led by each religion's own practitioners. However, in assisting others in exploring and following their own faith whenever called upon for some reason to do so, a shelterkeep - or any other conscientious, respectful, and sensitive person - participates in this movement. The correct attitude to have while doing so, it should be remembered at all times, is not one of condescension or condemnation but of compassion and of joy in every person's coming to God.

  That we can accept the potential of all people to arrive at Ultimate Truth does not mean that we should expect everyone to arrive there in the same way any more than it should mean demanding that everyone arrive in the same amount of time. Let the Catholics be Catholic, and let the Buddhists be Buddhist. Let the Jews and the Muslims be faithful within their traditions, and allow the neopagans and those without any religion at all to make their journeys as is appropriate for each of them. Respect the spiritual knowledge and ways of indigenous tribal peoples. A Basican, in keeping with the Guide, is no oppressor but instead a leader in supporting others in their faithfulness and the making of their way toward greater understanding. Two children, born of and raised by the same parents, cannot both be made to learn in the same way if it is not their nature. So, how much less alike will be the lifelong spiritual paths of two individuals living across the street from each other, let alone across the world?

  Always be mindful of ethics in any case, but do not be disturbed by simple variety or even disagreement along the way. Harmony is not made by a single string of notes, sounded simultaneously, in the same sequence and for the same duration by all. It is the creative result of different notes being played together, sometimes even continued for differing lengths of time so that one part can move while another is held steady. The underlying rhythm is not lost because of this. Furthermore, to state it quite flatly, a one tune world makes for a boring life. We were not born to be stale and monotonous. We were meant to be rich.

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