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  There is not enough love either practiced or even simply felt in the world. To love each other and live by that love is the greatest thing we can do. How can someone truly live by love and enact willful abuse at the same time? How can someone live by love and be unwilling to overcome the ignorance that can lead to abusing others without realizing it? It is not possible. Where the wrong goes unchecked, there is a failure to live by love. In every situation, in even every part of each situation, it is a matter of one course or the other. Moment by moment, the choice is made. One cannot perform both the affront and the expression of genuine love at one and the same time.

  Look what we have done! Which is more amazing - that we can have such vile acts of hatred committed in a world in which so many sacrifices have been freely made and so much generosity has been freely shown in the name of love or that love can still survive in the midst of so much cruelty? Clearly, we are capable of both! We know it, and we openly admit as much! And so we can and must choose...

  If you have not wept for the stranger who suffers and despaired over the one who causes the suffering, if you have not been glad for the success and delight of someone far away and been grateful for anyone contributing such a happy state, look again with a more open heart. And do not forget to attend to your own while you also give your concern to the larger world. Do not neglect them or fail to see your own part in their joys and sorrows.

  Believe in this religion or that or none at all. Enjoy material wealth or live in poverty. Pursue formal education or let life be your teacher. Perform rituals and follow strict rules of tradition or do not. But to love and to live by that love - to feel it, to embody it, to say it, to show it - that is the greatest thing we can do.

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