Motives and Understanding

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  When people harm each other or express apparent desire that harm be done, try to understand why this is, even if it does not give you reason to be sympathetic to their motives. You need not agree with them. But the alternative is to only be able to react out of confusion and pain rather than to take initiative with insight and direction.

  There is a certain charm to an innocent person's bafflement at why others would wish anyone harm. Such innocence reminds us of the goodness inherent in the human heart. It gives us hope. If we all felt that way, who would look to injure anyone? So, do not be angry or frustrated with someone who is perplexed when prejudice and other ills rear their ugly heads.

  When you can, however, try and comprehend. Pass on your explanation where it is useful. If you feel your understanding is good, it is better for others to be able to consider it than for them to be left wandering around at a loss. But be sure you are realistic and true with your thinking. Misunderstanding others so you can either justify ill will towards them or wallow in blaming yourself is worse than not bothering to think at all.

  Many a conflict can be avoided or resolved by way of understanding and the words and actions that follow it. While this may, in some situations, take a very long time and a great deal of commitment, the price of failing to make the effort can be vastly greater. If you would wish to see peace on our world and, perhaps, even in our times, understanding must be sought and acted on as much as possible in all aspects of your daily life. You need not be perfect. You need only do your best... and do your best... and do your best...

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