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  Once you have been toppled, relating with others becomes both easier and more difficult. While your sense of oneness will bring a greater sense of connectedness, the very fact that you have experienced it when not everyone has may make you feel seperate. All the more so with Nothingness. Your ability to be open, relaxed, rational, joyful, insightful, and caring will be increased, especially if you pay attention to expanding in these areas. At the same time, you will recognize that your perspective is now radically different from that of most other people. You will know firsthand what is still only philosophy to some and ridiculous or unheard of to others. You will face challenges foreign and unknown to them, as you learn to navigate your life in light of what you have experienced and what has become of you by way of it. You will have a task before you that is not also theirs, as you continue to touch your newfound awareness and move toward inhabiting it. Your wave will crash and crash, as they appear to you to be to going on very much as they always have. In this, you risk failing to honor some of their significant struggles and changes, as well as the difficulties and transformations in your own past. Though you may be excited at first, you will come to find yourself reluctant to tell of what has happened. You will quickly come to be rightfully modest about yourself and what has occurred, particularly when looking ahead to what has yet to be accomplished. It will also occur to you that others may feel you are speaking nonsense or in riddles if you try to discuss it with them. While some may consider you silly or frustrating, others may be frightened or think you have lost your mind, and all this may make you cautious. You will come to know the value of discretion.

  Balance is key, and a strong foundation a must. Remember the Basican Guide, and keep strong ties with close people. The need for compassion, towards yourself and others, is quite clear, and patience is vital. You may be surprised when you are confronted with situations and people that disturb you out of what you thought you had learned, though it is now possible for you to also practice thinking of and dealing with these things in a new way. Furthermore, you may be amazed sometimes by how much someone who seems never to have been anywhere near where you tread can help you to deal with being where you are.

  To not lose the benefit of what you have learned, all the aforementioned is necessary. As you cannot undo the toppling, you can only choose either to become disappointingly mired in spite of things you now cannot entirely forget... or to continue onward. To go on, you must be determined and focused. And you must live your life.

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