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  It is with pleasure and comfort that I note that I am not alone in the work at hand. Whether newly called upon for service or well on the way already, we each find ourselves inclined to speak of matters spiritual and are inspired to spread a message of hope and love. While I do this by introducing Basicanism, others of you come forth in other ways. Fond greetings to all of you!

  I bid welcome to those of you more fresh to the experience of living out this calling; and it is you, especially, that I hope to aid in the success of your efforts by recommending that which follows here. In writing this, I have tried to offer wisdom that history and hard personal experience have taught many. For the benefit of all, these are things I believe might best be thought of by all of us and by all those who learn from or are influenced by us as we consider how we conduct ourselves publicly, privately, and internally. May this writing be of help to you in both your personal life and your endeavor to serve.

  Bless you on your way, as you make this journey which is sometimes arduous, often joyous, ultimately fulfilling, and permeated throughout with love.


  Do not, in the name of spirituality or piety, be cut off from some aspect of yourself, whether it be your intellect, emotions, physicality, or sexuality. One who is stunted, divided, or conflicted in this way is not a good role model. You need not be less than whole in order to mind your conduct or to exercise a period of restriction - even a lengthy one - for the sake of spiritual growth.


  Let neither conformity nor nonconformity be an automatic course, and choose neither simply for its own sake. You must be your own person, of independent mind, determining for yourself your reasons and decisions. Do not be one who is overly swayed by the crowd, whether it be to move with it or in some differing manner. A maximally self determined course will help minimize the ability of others to use the degree to which you are like or unlike some number of members of society at large, or some group within it, as a justification for accepting or rejecting what you say or write.

Morals and Ethics

  Do your utmost to adhere to moral and ethical standards, although, being human, you will not be perfect in this. Also, be honest with yourself and others about the fact that you are human and imperfect, bearing in mind that making a grand display of your flaws and of berating yourself for them is neither healthy nor wise. Confidence in you is better warranted when you maintain humility while doing your best to address and keep in check flaws in yourself and your behavior. The fewer and smaller your transgressions, the less they may be used to justify rejecting what you say and write. The less you turn your repentance into a boast, the more others may be sure you are not using your transgressions in some backhanded way to promote yourself and your opinions. Furthermore, a strong conscience is a must. But an overblown one represents an equally overblown sense of self-importance and hinders your ability to live your life in a whole and natural manner.

  While you do all this, remember that personal moral and ethical imperfection is a separate issue from the truth of a message, so long as the message itself is not designed or altered to serve the purpose of a transgression. Remember also that a message should never be corrupted by using its truth in a harmful manner.

Representing Others

  Do no cruelty in another's name - any other's name. For, in so doing, you not only harm the one intended but also curse the one you favor and bind that one inextricably in suffering to all those subjected to your injustice. And the suffering expands as it ultimately touches all those associated with the one in whose name an unkindness is performed or promoted. Instead, bless others by showing love and mercy in their names and in your own.


  People of conscience may differ concerning many things, including perceptions, understandings, methods, and conclusions. Furthermore, not one of us is in possession of all knowledge. You may be passionate in your views and in your expression of them. But respect those who do not believe or follow what you teach, and be sure to treat them accordingly. As much as you must have a mind of your own and be free to think your own thoughts, so, also, must others. A coerced or manipulated mind is not an enlightened mind. An independent mind is free to become healthy, strong, and wise. In the end, our work must serve to aid in freeing the imprisoned mind. You cannot hope to remove one shackle by putting on another.


  Live your life. This has been said to be the best career advice one can receive with regard to being a great actor. It also happens to be the best advice on how to be a great artist of any sort, as well as a great teacher, parent, spiritual servant of any sort, or human being in general. You are here, and your life is a gift. Be sure you really live life, that it is your life that you live, and that it is really you living it.

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