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  If a thing cannot be told, you may be provoked into knowing it directly for yourself. If a teacher cannot explain to, describe for, or direct you, the teacher may be able to help by provoking you. Or you may provoke yourself, either intentionally or unintentionally. Or something else may do it.

  Pretty, complex, and impressive constructs are not Truth, though they pass for it to some. Do not be caught up in them. Instead, allow yourself to be tripped by the unfathomable, the unanswerable, the irresolvable, and recognition of your own error until you fall into truth... if not by wrestling yourself, then by being very, very still.

  You will be joyfully amazed when you unexpectedly arrive home and recognize yourself for the first time. And all your own words of explanation, description, and direction will bring no one else with you.

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