Regaining Yourself

the Basica

  When we are beaten down from within, one person may suggest it is the result of bad social influence in a weak moment, and another may perhaps say it is from being attacked by a demon. To put it gently, the latter may claim the former is missing something important, while the former may claim the latter is imagining or oversimplifying. But it matters not. With this issue, as with many others, when the veil is lifted and utter truth is known, we will all, each of us, be amazed both by just how right we were and just how wrong... perhaps each in different ways, but all of us amazed.

  In any case, what to do when you are out of balance is still the same. See to your regular spiritual practices. Pray about the problem. You may additionally want to ask for others to pray with or for you. Consult and bask in the wisdom and comfort of your holy texts. Go to your holy places. Meditate and practice calm. You may decide to perform a ceremony that is either specific to your issue or general to your condition, or you may wish to have one performed for you. If you need, fast, but do so in a way that is healthful and not injurious. And handle any other temporary restrictions or duties you feel the need to lay upon yourself likewise. Remember, you are not trying to punish yourself for feeling bad; you are purifying and rebalancing yourself. You cannot do so by damaging yourself. Be sure also to aid others when they are in need, knowing that, while it may not be the main reason you do so, it may benefit you as well in many ways.

  Talking things over with someone you trust can be very helpful. There is little that cannot be made at least somewhat better by discussing it, if for no other reason than that it lets off some of the pressure to allow some of your thinking to get out. Healthful eating can be a thing which easily deteriorates during difficult times. Be sure to eat properly so as to avoid contributing to existing problems and so that there is greater chance for improvement. Likewise, seek out fresh air, sunshine, and exercise when possible. Not only will this aid in maintaining and improving health, it also provides greater opportunity for joy and relaxation. Do not lose hope to such an extent that you no longer bother with all these things.

  Ask for help, help yourself, and help others, and all the help you need will come. Do thusly, and advise others likewise.

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