The Ripening of Fruit

the Basica

  All action produces result. All nonaction has effect. Everything touches everything, however indirectly it may seem to do so. Every move causes ripples, just as a stone thrown into a pond. Even the tiniest breath exhaled will eventually be taken in, by particles, by every other breathing thing. All the whole universe is in contact with itself. There is no ultimate isolation of things.

  Everything that happens is built upon everything that has come before it; each new event is a building block of that which is to come. While choices may not be predestined, they are affected, even shaped to varying degrees, by the past. And those choices, and the ones not made, will be part of the formation of the future. There is no ultimate isolation of moments.

  Every ill ever committed by one will find its way into every other, in some manner. Each deed of goodness ever done by any is deposited within all. Everything there is to any individual is inextricable from all there is to humanity. Each and every will must reckon, however subtly, with the wills of all others. There is no ultimate isolation of people.

  A fruit is ripe when it is ripened. The hastening of the process will not cause a fruit to be ripe when it is unripe. However, the ripened fruit is within the seed, and the unripe fruit is within the decaying flesh. The fruit is in the roots. The trunk of the tree is in the fruit. And so, when is the fruit ripe? Now. And now. And now...

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