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  A muscle is not built during exercise; it is broken down somewhat. Muscle builds up in response to having been worked and in anticipation of being worked again. Too little exercise, and the body atrophies. Too much, and it is injured and rendered unable to function properly. Therefore, an appropriate balance of activity and recovery time must be sought in order to maintain fitness. Neither neglect nor abuse will bring about the attainment of optimal health. Extremes of either, whether in intensity or duration, are especially detrimental.

  Life is challenging. Without challenge, we would become dull and weak. There would be no art to living, no wisdom developed or called for, nothing to savor. However, we must not do to each other what would be unhealthy to do to our own bodies (and our own minds, it should be added). We must not engage in neglect or abuse, and we must stand in the way of it being perpetuated by others whenever we are able.

  Strive, rest, and enjoy these states and the fruits they bear. But look beyond yourself and do your best to ensure the same opportunity is afforded to others, as well.

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