It Is Time

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  The time has come. It is one thing to let your emotions naturally rise and fall away and another to be ruled by them. In that spirit, give up hate. Let go of fear. Turn away from anger. Catch yourself in the act each time the feelings come, and gently, fairly address what is happening. This is important not only because of how it affects our inner selves and the world around us but also because it is difficult. It is not done in a single instant... but instead moment by moment, day by day. Keep to the Basican Guide.

  Prayer will aid you. Formal prayer, with regularly practiced elements, is particularly stabilizing and calming. While daily, spontaneous prayer from wherever you are is nourishing and fulfilling, a routine of formal prayer has benefits that are sometimes only noticed when the practice has been dropped for too long for some reason and then resumed. The effect fades slowly during cessation but returns with power upon taking it up again. One may become accustomed to its influence, or the lack thereof, but the restart makes clear why the ongoing activity is of such value. Whether daily or weekly, modest or extensive, its impact should not be underestimated. If you are to truly give yourself and others the gift of peace, begin and maintain your regular, formal practice of prayer. If you continue with your usual spontaneity and mindfulness as well, you need not fear becoming only weekend religious. In fact, that which is more planned, complete, and involved will enhance that which is extemporaneous, and vice versa.

  When you pray, ask for fortitude to face your challenges. Learn what you can from them. Paddle your craft, but let also the currents of the Divine carry you.

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