Coming to Truth

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  Personal enlightenment is a contradiction. When your eyes are opened, Who is it that sees? When your mind is freed, Whose liberation is it? When you gain understanding, Who is it that awakens?

  It is neither an experience nor a state. It is direct knowledge. It comes like a teacher, a student, or a lover: when you are ready. More than this I cannot tell you. There are not enough words, and even just one would be far too many. If you are going to know, you will know, and you will be satisfied. Your quest will be answered, you will see reality as it actually is and yourself as you truly are, and you will find sense in this.

  This does not necessarily result from a single, grand, totally unique flash of insight. You will see how earlier moments have helped you and that everything in your life has brought you to this. And you will learn firsthand that it is not a matter of whether all paths lead to this, but simply that when you come to it, regardless of how you did it, you are just as arrived.

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