True, High, and Low

the Basica

  It is better not to be halfhearted in doing what you claim to care about. Act not out of a sense of unwanted obligation, for show, or to get the carrot and avoid the stick, but because you really care about it. Life without sincerity and passion for what you believe in is simply going aimlessly through the motions.

  But inner peace is important also, and not contradictory to this. Be still where there is no motion, but balance with movement where there is movement. Otherwise, you will be thrown from extreme to extreme.

  To attain fulfillment is not just to reach towards God and to accept God reaching towards you; to dig into your depths and to rise up into grater awareness; to use rationality as an anchor in spiritual search and to incorporate non-ordinary experiences and perspectives into everyday life... Ultimately, it is not even about having all those many perspectives at once. It is really only one whole perspective; penetrating, encompassing, and ordinary human eye-level.

  Do not learn and then act as though you do not know. But do not overestimate what you think you know and become a worshipper of your own stories.

  There is greatness to be found through humility; but wallowing too deeply in humility is as self-deceiving as overprizing personal greatness.

  Be released from endless, directionless wandering, trapped in a meaningless maze; be free of forever reacting and having no real understanding of that to which you respond; be honest with yourself without self-aggrandizement over either your assets or your deficits. Be true. Be high and low.

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