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  A person who cannot see with the eyes or stand with the legs is neither less spiritual nor less moral than one who can. Making no other comparison between the two kinds of groups mentioned here, the same can be said of one who cannot, for any reason, read, perform math, or understand physics. Why, then, would the ability to read thoughts, move objects with the mind, or predict the future make someone any more spiritual than someone who cannot? The question of whether or not such mental powers exist has been wrestled into inconclusiveness, only specific cases having been disproved and not the abilities themselves. As yet, one can believe in them or not. But neither the actual existence of telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, or any other capability of that nature nor the belief in them indicates, let alone guarantees, greater spirit or morals in any individual.

  The technological advances that allowed Europeans to travel around the globe and the weapons and other machinery that allowed warfare, food production, and other activities to be performed on an increasingly grand scale did not make them spiritually or morally superior to the peoples they encountered as they went about their exploits, though those peoples did not possess that same technology and machinery. Why, then, would we expect extraterrestrials to be spiritually or morally superior to us simply because they might have the technology to travel to us when we are unable to go to them on our own? Why would any of their machinery or their inclination to reach us be considered proof of such superiority? This has nothing to do with whether or not there are peoples - or even anything we might recognize as life forms - alien to our world and living on other planets. As with the existence psychic powers, one may believe as one likes at this point.

  None of this is to say that aliens, people with paranormal abilities, or those who would believe in them, proven authenticity aside, would be somehow less spiritual than anyone else. No one person is more spiritual than another. Some give more attention and thought to the spiritual, spend more time in formal practice and daily implementation of their faith, welcome and seek out more reminders of and connections to that which may not be commonly regarded. But this has nothing to do with the aforementioned issues. And we are all spiritual because we are each of Spirit.

  A person's level of morality, as with the degree to which someone attends to the spiritual, depends on the individual. And it is not so irrelevant to that attentiveness as the matters of psychic talents or outer space beings. Both require the compassion and respect to look within and beyond oneself, and without bringing them together, one's development can be distorted or brought up short.

  When in pursuit of spiritual development, in an individual or in a people, we are pointed in many directions by many who claim to know. But it is what we do, why we do it, and what becomes of us as a result that will guide us. Only by minding all three, as an integrated whole, can we know who we are and progress. We are shattered when our inner and outer selves cannot intermingle harmoniously. We can only develop spiritually when we are whole.

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