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The Second Time Around - Part 1

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?
Awaiting the First Appointment

Composed on May 6, 2012

  Easter Seals finally got back to me after two months - one more than the time frame I'd asked for, but at least I've heard from them. I don't know if someone from the Advocacy Center protested on my behalf after I called them to say things weren't moving or what. All I know is that they sent me a letter saying they were going to do an internal review because of my complaints, give me a second go-around for assessment (with someone else this time), and waive any co-pays associated with it. So, I called and made another appointment.

  I go in on Tuesday. My sister, who helped me write my complaint, is going to go in with me. That should help keep me from getting treated the same way again. I'm nervous but a bit more hopeful than before.

  I'm also going to have a friend with me. She's going to sit with my young niece while we're in there. But if we need her to say anything about what she knows about me, my sister can go out to the waiting room, and my friend can come in with me. That should also be good. I really just shouldn't have tried to handle this myself before. I don't like to admit how easy it can be to take advantage of me, and I didn't think it would happen under such circumstances, but I guess I can never assume I'm safe. I feel particularly vulnerable doing this, and it's not enough that these are people who should understand that. I'll never be sure what I'm getting into until I'm in it up to my eyeballs, I guess.

  I suppose I'll be posting either later on in the day on Tuesday or sometime on Wednesday to say how it went.

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A Mid-Forties Butch Aspie Makes Her Way

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