A Mid-Forties Butch Aspie
Makes Her Way

by MindWithoutWalls
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My Argument for the Need for Diagnosis

Why I'm Pursuing an Asperger's Diagnosis -
Reasons I Believe It Would Be Worthwhile, Useful, and Appropriate for Me

Compiled on December 4, 2011

  I'm composing this list so I won't have to worry how to explain what good I think it would do for me to get professionally diagnosed with Asperger's (or get accurate official word I don't have it, if that's what's discovered if I'm ever actually evaluated properly). This might be important in helping the person who evaluates me to take seriously the things I have to say. It also might help that person to be more willing to present true findings at the end, instead of being reluctant to offer a diagnosis that may appear to her or him to have no useful purpose.

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A Mid-Forties Butch Aspie Makes Her Way

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