Dharma Barbara Rose Guada



5' x 5' acrylic on canvas

The Window

"The Window"

18" x 24" acrylic on canvas

Cyn's Girl

"Cyn's Girl"

18" x 24" oil pastels

Redhead 1

"Redhead 1"

5' x 5' acrylic on canvas

The Green Lady

"The Green Lady"

5' x 5' acrylic on canvas

Tuscany Woman

"Tuscany Woman"

20"' x 40" watercolors on paper

Freedom Traveler

"Freedom Traveler"

20"' x 40" watercolors on canvas

Questions to the artist:
  • What makes paint and canvas exciting/interesting/challenging/ideal/or whatever else for you to work with?
    It's all blank, and that is the way thought is at times; and then it's filled with everything, and that is the way thought is, as well.
  • What makes the paintings shown here special to you?
    They are my favorites at this moment... LOL
  • Is there anything in particular you hope to accomplish with your work aside from simply expressing yourself in a given moment? Do you hope to inspire anything in particular in others?
    Only the feelings of wanting to be amused or excited or softened ................. also, there is a wonderful sigh that comes from people who like what an artist does, and that is worth the work and wondering and hoping and praying.
Artist Bio:
I am painting through a need to incorporate myself - alone, without the selves I have been given by all the manufactured forms of another's view of who they think Barbara Rose Guada is. As a young woman, the only self I was given was to become thinner and more beautiful - the Barbie Doll. Failing completely at this, I found other ways to achieve this "odd" status, one being writing and, later, another being painting. I am a new painter who has only been painting for five years. I am still adjusting the paints and textures for how this affects another's eye. I am thrilled to find that someone would actually want to buy what I have created.

My only statement so far is to be bold enough to be yourself and walk past the rest of everyone else's thing.

Barbara Rose Guada

Dharma Barbara Rose Guada can be reached by e-mail at

This collection was posted here in July 2000.

All artistic works are the artists and presented here with their permission.

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