Akil Aswad-Waleed

With a strong, yet relaxed presentation, Akil Aswad-Waleed makes his statement. His words convey his insights with clarity. His style has a steady tempo that creates in his audience both pleasure in the listening and trust in the thoughtful intelligence of his messsage. And he never disappoints, never holding back on laying out the reality of a situation.

WhitE KiDz FrOm the suBurBz
pUlL uP thEir cArZ 2 gheTTo CurBz
2 cOp But miGhT GeT PopPed bY thE cOpz
Or sOme KidZ glOcK
In thE pUrsUiT Of a WeEd bAg, wHitE pOwdEr, Or rOck
whilE hIz peOpleZ tHinKin hE'z inNOcEnt
thEy dOn't knOw thAt MoST hIZ mOney iZ SpeNT On inEbriAntz
2 kEep hiM bEnT
BecAuze thEy Aint ConCErnEd wiTH tHe cOntent
Of hiZ chArecTeR... Or tHE subStAncE Of HiZ sOUl
nOw hiz mOthER cAn'T stAnd thE siGhT Of Any MAn
whO migHT resemBLe thE mAn
whO hAd a hAnD in ThE plAn
oF hEr sOnZ dEmiZe
blAcK fAceZ sHE deSpizE...cAn'T LoOk tHeM
in thEiR Eyez
sO at NigHt sHe cRieZ
AnD iN tHe Day tIMe
sHe hideZ behInd lieZ aNd
FalSe prEtensEz EverY dAy...eAch aNd EVerY day

whenever u c me in the streets
or in the store u swear 2 god
i'm out 2 take something of yours

and don't let me pull up
next 2 you at a stop light
at night
cuz i know you'll b quick 2
lock your windows and doors
and b ready 2 push the pedal through the floor
cuz you'll b convinced that i'm ready 2
rob or rape u and yours

i try like hell 2 ignore
your ignorance & your lack of common sense
but i'm convinced that you'll never change
and will probably die that way

I work a 9-2-5 almost every day
own a house and a car
aint nothin u got worth me gettin'
locked down 4

I'm still tryin 2 heal from the scars of slavery
i'm shedding the name u gave me
and i'm not gonna b the nigga u made me
those 40 acres and a mule u never gave me
gave me a job and underpaid me--u played me
but not no more

u got the nerve 2 b talkin about:
"O black people have so many opportunities today"
but think about the many advantages you've had always
been running things 4 over 400 years
got a big head start
done made hate an art
in every state your hate is my fate
and when u c my face u become irate
b-cuzz u fail 2 procreate at a faster rate
and your gene pool is almost out of date

so why hate me
when i aint never done u nothin' wrong?

I Got Poems 4 U're Ass
I got poems 4 u're ass
when I B spittin what I spit
like a sharpshooter aiming 4
a target & hittin it
-I got poems
I got poems 4 u
like them young boyz rollin' up blunts
and puffin' on grass or weed az ya'll call it
-the poems I write R meant 2 ignite
and give a little insight
while exciting u're dendrites
-I got poems 4 yo ass
and I aint tryin' 2 sound gangsta either
I'm just tryin' 2 let U know
that I got poems
some fast, some slow,
always Tallinn' about what a brotha know
-some call me the poetical poet
preaching poetry
U know it's me
Akee---u're brotha
bringin' lyrics 2 u continually
with poems--poems that R ontime
like a metronome
poems that cut 2 the bone
or make a lost soul wish 4 home
-I got poems man
I got poems 4 u're behind
and all the poems I spit R mine
aint no Puffy Combs syndrome
bitin' all the time
I feel like my poems aint gotta ryme
as long as they make reason
I feel like my poems aint gotta necessarily
please the YG's and them
I'm true 2 my poetry
so U can never get me 4 lyrical
robbery--the reason being that
every breath I take is poetry
every step I make is poetry
every word I speak is poetry
and every height I reach is poetry
"WHAAAT!!!" U might say
but understand, it's simply b-cuz
I got poems, I got poems, I got poems
-whenever I drop a new poem
it's like I'm turnin' over a new stone
whenever I go home and sit down
I drop a new poem--I can't help it ya'll
-I'm just a street poet
a sit behind the desk poet
a help U get the stress of your chest poet
-I got poems 4 yo ass
man do I got poems
I got more poems than Larry's got homes
I got more poems than a big dog's got bones
I got more poems than Frontier's got phones
-I got poems
poems about love
poems about hate
poems about heads up north
tryin' 2 escape from behind those gates
and if I aint got nothin' else
I got my poems man
poetical prose 4 your ass

This collection was posted here in June 2000.

All poetry and other artistic writings are their authors and reproduced here with their permission.

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