Business Card

Willie and the trucks he used for his roofing business.

My Loving Husband -

  I miss you so very much - I love you and will hold you close to my heart always.

  Please do not worry, we will all be fine until we meet again. You gave me the best years of my life, and I adore you for that and the time we had together.

I love you -

Willie and Marion were wed on July 30, 1989. They had been married nearly 17 years by the time of his passing.


  You came into our lives 20+ years ago, and you changed us all. Your love and kindness, caring and concern for others are that of an exceptional man. As our father, you were, and are now, perfect. We love you and miss you. We will always have you in our hearts and souls. Watch over us all. Dad, you're finally home.

Your daughters and sons:
Dawn, Sue, Debbie, Barney, and Grant

Willie always cared about the guys that worked for him, making sure to buy them lunch each day.


  We love and miss you.

Your grandchildren

Willie's favorite things:

Siting in his office, reading his Bible;
Listening to Kenneth Copeland Ministries;
His grandchildren;
His wife and family;
Horse racing - OTB;
His dog, Buddy;
His cat, Frisky;
Talking with people and meeting new people


  Take care of me and watch over me. I miss you and love you...

Your grandson,

Willie enjoying a little leisure time.

  Willie was really the only father I'd known since the age of 6. When he and my mom got married back in the 80's, and even before, Willie accepted all of my brothers and sisters and me into his home and into his heart, and he treated each of us as his own.

  I think what I'll remember most about Willie was that smile on his face each time one of us stopped over, or how he curled his lip when he grinned. He always made people laugh and never found anything bad to say about anyone. He was a kind, loving man and was loved by many. There are so many things I'll remember about Willie, but unfortunately, I don't think there will be room enough here to mention them all.

  Willie, if you can hear me... I love you, I'm sorry I missed out on the last three years of your life, and I'll miss you dearly.


"World's Best Roofer" and a vase of tulips, one of his favorite kinds of flowers, displayed at his memorial service on April 14, 2006.

Live your life the way Willie did...
You will be a better person for it.

Remember him always.



In Memory Of
Wilson H. Sessions Jr.
June 3, 1927 - April 10, 2006

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