Political Correctness

I periodically find myself saying, "Political correctness is for those who can't think for themselves how to treat others with respect."

I'm for human rights. I'm not for thought police or censorship. When someone doesn't want to be treated a certain way, there's probably good reason for it. What I like to do is understand what that reason is. When that's not an option at a given moment, simple good manners can still prevail. I've found that the best thing to do if I'm not sure what term a person prefers to be identified by is to ask. Barring that, I try not to get uptight about being corrected, especially since there isn't always universal agreement about these terms within a group. The same goes for a whole lot of stuff. Getting upset because another person seems angry or offended helps no one. Remember, this whole thing is all about being able to achieve the peaceful, loving world we dream of. But that comes with thinking about what we're doing and why, not just following a party line of correctness as easily as some might ignorantly uphold a prejudice.

And that brings me to anther thing I periodically say: "Political incorrectnes is for those who want to call it radical to uphold the status quo."

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