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I love to ride! My first experience being on a motorcycle was on the back of my girlfriend's '87 Honda Shadow 700. I tried to learn to ride it, but I have fibromyalgia and found such a big and heavy bike to be too much of a challenge for me. However, she also has a '95 Suzuki Savage 650 that's perfect for me to ride. Being on a fixed income, due to disability, I could never afford a bike of my own. But her second bike has given me the opportunity to ride when I would otherwise have none. All I had to do was save up to buy myself the gear and pay for the safety course I would need. Over time, I got what I needed at both motorcycle shops and a secondhand store. I also saved up and took the MSF safety course (see links below). And, because I'm now the primary rider of that bike, I've taken responsibility for all the gas, insurance, registration, and inspection expenses associated with it, plus whatever I can afford to contribute towards any maintenance or repair costs. I now ride whenever my physical ability, the weather, and time permit. Sure, I may miss a lot of good riding days when I'm not well enough. If you're not up to it, you've got no business on that bike! But I'm able on enough days to make it worth it to me to know how and have access. I'll always be glad I made the effort so I could have this wonderful experience!

Riders and Bikes

Bike Girl and Shelterkeep
That's me on the back
of the Shadow with my
girlfriend. We'd just
been to dinner with a
friend and her parents.

Thescorre Bikers
This is (left to right)
me, my girlfriend,
and a friend of ours
before heading out
from his house on
our first group ride.

I hope to have more pictures of our bikes soon...

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