Ink Drawings - 2

What you'll encounter as you scroll down represents a return to one of my great passions. For a long time, it was very difficult for me to do the kind of artwork I used to do in my 20s. Fibromyalgia made it too painful to spend that much time with an artist's marker in my hand and my arm raised. But I finally managed to work things out with a combination of pain management and a more comfortable sitting arrangement. It's still a challenge, but at least I can begin to do again what I once loved so much.

After having done only one in 2013, which was the first I'd done since the 1990s, 2015 marked a new beginning for me. I'm also now working in a new, larger size. These drawings have to be done a little at a time, however, and each takes many hours to finish. I timed the actual pen-to-paper time it took to do one of my 9"x12" drawings in my 20s, and it took 40 hours. The contemplative aspect - looking at and considering what I already had, so I could feel ready with ideas with which to proceed, took an additional amount of time I never calculated or measured. Add to that the fact that I can't work in a continuous stream, from start to finish, which means figuring in time to eat, sleep, and do other necessary things, and you can understand why it can take days, weeks, or even sometimes months to complete one of these works.

Everything you'll find here is signed and copyrighted. These drawings are being displayed solely for the purpose of providing me with an opportunity to show off my work a bit. These images are not available for reproduction or public use. I've done few enough so far that I haven't gone much of anywhere with them yet, but I'm enjoying adding them to my online galleries. I intend to do more, so I'll add new ones whenever I get a chance to digitally record their images and upload them. I hope you enjoy viewing what I already have.

For those unable to see the pictures: I apologize for not knowing how to describe them for you. When I draw, whatever color strikes me in the moment is the one I choose to work with, and then I make whatever lines or shapes come to me at the time. The end product is a whole within which people will see whatever their own minds create, out of the brain's ability to recognize patterns, even where nothing intentional necessarily exists. Sometimes I develop emerging images as they begin to appear, sometimes I leave them as they are and work around them, and sometimes I deliberately work counter to them. As a result, many of my drawings are not of anything in particular, while others are built around the little I have purposely drawn to convey a specific idea. Because I've played various instruments, I tend to think the best way to get across what my drawings look like to someone who is unable to see them well is probably through some kind of music.

Of Peace and Passion
Completed June 11, 2013
9"x12" Ink on Smooth Bristol Paper

Completed July 5, 2015
11"x14" Ink on Smooth Bristol Paper

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