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This is the revised electronic edition of the Basica. Both this electronic edition and the one that preceded it were created and copyrighted by the author of the original book. Only minor changes have occurred from one version to the next, in order to improve and make more accessible the presentation without losing any of the integrity of the contents.

An electronic edition is intended for use in one of three ways: 1) viewing by electronic means, 2) printing out onto paper in either text or Braille, and 3) recording a voiced rendition that is complete, accurate, and true to the original in an audio format for the visually impaired. No part of it should be added to, subtracted from, or otherwise altered in any way. It is not intended to be rented or sold or in any other way have a profit made by transmission of it to others. It is permissible to use direct quotes from the book elsewhere in articles and the like, as long as credit is given appropriately.

When printing out, all pages should be printed and kept together, including this page. The only exception to this would be any page containing links only and no other actual book content. To see which pages would contain only links to other pages, please check the print preview before printing each document, so you can save yourself some paper. All pages except the one at the end of the book containing the Prayer for Blessing and color picture of the Basican Compass may be printed in black and white. The page with the color picture should be printed out in color.

In order to cause an electronic edition to be printed out with the text and pictures falling on the pages I intend, I've arranged the divisions of content into separate documents, in accordance with a particular page setup for the printer. With the pages being typed and arranged this way, printing out by the following instructions should prevent any pages from coming out of the printer completely blank. For you to be able to cause the pages to fall properly, please use the following settings for your printer:

  • Paper Size - Letter
  • Header and Footer - None (leave both lines blank)
  • Paper Orientation - Portrait
  • Margins (Inches) - Left, Right, Top, and Bottom All 0.75"

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