The Basican Guide:

4 Categories of Essential Influence

Compass Ring

      1. Mystery, Relationship, Understanding (black)
      2. Quest, Truth, Freedom (blue)
      3. Love, Compassion, Passion (red)
      4. Acceptance, Embrace, Release (white)
3 Ideals of Conduct

Compass Triangle

      1. Helping and giving of ourselves and what we have to those who have and those who do not, those who need and those who desire; for love and joy, so no one goes without necessities, and so all may share in greater bounty.
      2. Treating everyone with kindness, decency, and respect, whether we know or like them or not; because everyone has an equal and innate worth and purpose, and because no on exists for the sake of being victimized, oppressed, or abused.
      3. Honoring, serving, celebrating, and learning from life, Divine Spirit, the Earth, and all of nature - including humanity as a true and equal part of nature; because these are the reasons for our being, and on these we depend.
2 Spiritual Principles

Compass Square

      1. Words can call out or refer to that which has been known as "God" or "Goddess" as well as by many other names and terms in many languages, called a creator and an emanation, counted as one and many, considered as having various natures and forms and playing various roles in the existence of the universe, and thought by some not to exist at all. But human utterances are symbolic and, as such, too limited, indirect, and connotation laden to be ultimate names for or complete statements about such occurrence in its totality.

      2. Belief is what we think is true. Faith is putting our trust in what we believe, adhering to it even in the face of our own doubts. As human beings, we sometimes must learn trust for it to become deep and consistent. Trust is sacred, can never be forced, and should never be abused. An individual's faith is personal and intimate, even if discussion of it is sometimes public.
A Call to Act with Conscience and Integrity

Compass Circle

        When something needs or is to be done, see to it as well and responsibly as you are humanly able. Use this guide as a whole, with all its components maintained, balancing, and harmonizing.
3 Explicit Prohibitions

Compass Spaces

      1. The concepts and ethics expressed in this guide can be found through other sources, including individual contemplation and thoughtful discussion with ordinary people, as well as various religions and philosophies; this guide is no more or less perfect or suited to all people than any other; and this is a spiritual system rather than one of human law. Therefore, there is to be no forcing or manipulating of others into following this guide in particular, nor any persecution of those who do not adopt it. However, all who choose may adopt this guide as a whole, and all who choose may discuss it with those who are interested in such discussion.
      2. This guide, when taken as a whole, has been designed to stand independently from other belief systems but not to naturally oppose or conflict with them simply by being distinct from them. Therefore, there is to be no demand or requirement that anyone have or give up other belief systems while following this guide, so long as individuals either find this alone to be appropriate for them or can personally reconcile apparent differences reasonably to the point of not having or sufficiently resolving any such demand or requirement from within themselves.
      3. Each individual and each life is unique, no individual is any more or less perfect than any other, and all individuals are ultimately personally accountable for their own decisions and behavior. Therefore, there is to be no official interpretation of or commentary on this guide or its implementation beyond the text of the Basica, nor any officials with any claim to provide such interpretation or commentary. However, individuals may interpret or comment on it or its implementation for themselves, freely arrive at interpretation or commentary with others, or of their own free will agree with and hold to anyone else's interpretation or commentary. Those who do may share these thoughts with others who are interested, who then may also freely agree or disagree.

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