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An individual Basican can live an entire lifetime unconsecrated, following the Basican Guide simply out of belief that it is right and rational to do so. But when we find such trust that we feel called upon to dedicate ourselves as a sacred responsibility, then it is time for consecration. Only the individual so ready can know that the call has come. Being called, and even answering, will not set any Basican above others. Answering when called is simply appropriate.

Consecration is a one-way passage through a wall that is translucent only from the side of arrival. Arrival is a temple and a home, within and around us, of spirit rather than stone. From here is a continual unfolding.

Written here is the original Basican Consecration Ceremony. Before consecration, privately give prayer on the matter. If you are truly meant to answer, you will be able to know the particular details of performing it for yourself in time to properly prepare. If possible, declare yourself (stating belief and intent) to at least three people in advance of the ceremony. When the way is clear and open, go.

Basicans are not required to reveal or discuss whether or not they are consecrated, nor are they kept from it, so long as no one is intentionally misled. However, if you become consecrated, you may wish to tell the people to whom you declared yourself that you have followed through, as they may be interested in knowing.

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