Original Consecration Story

Power in Ritual:

Powerful ritualmaking is done in a way that does not violate the values to which you adhere. Basican consecration is no different. Selection of the location for the ceremony should be made prayerfully, and no consecration should be performed without permission from the place itself. This is particularly important with regard to breaking open a modestly small spot in the Earth. Take special care concerning this act specifically. Also be sure to take appropriate fire and other safety precautions. Carry used matches and any other litter away afterwards for proper disposal instead of leaving them behind at the ritual site. Any offerings made to the Earth should, of course, not be harmful to the environment, nor representative of or obtained by harm to others to the best of your knowledge. Be as conscientious as possible in all aspects of carrying out the ceremony, from preparation to retrospection, bearing in mind that power flows more through sincerity than apparent perfection.

A powerful ritual calls for connection, celebration, and giving. Making an offering is sharing what you have. Give of what you value. Judge value in personal terms rather than by material expense. Remember that power comes from fully investing yourself in these and all other ritual acts, as well as in the intent and spirit of the ceremony itself.

Finally, be aware that the power of the ritual can be felt; animals or other signs may make themselves known; and blessings may come such as a break in the clouds or a rain.

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