The ceremony takes place amidst trees or other growing things, beside a living body of water. Ideally, the water should be deep enough to allow complete immersion. The area should also be suitable for burning four candles, with appropriate fire safety precautions taken. Witnesses may be invited, so there should be room enough for them to stand nearby. Their presence may be wise for the sake of safety, considering that the ceremony involves entering the water.

A rattle or other percussion instrument is used for the addressing of the directions and their elements. You will also need one or more of the following: bell, wind instrument, fan, or other device for moving air. Gather four candles, one for each color representing the 4 Categories of Essential Influence, and matches or a lighter. The candles should be set in stable holders appropriate for preventing outdoor fire hazard. If matches are used, bring a jar for containing them until they can be properly disposed of elsewhere. Old shoes and clothing or a special garment of your choice may be worn for the ceremony, if you wish (keeping the immersion in mind). Bringing a towel is recommended. Have with you a trowel or other small digging tool. Be sure to cleanse all of these things, the place, and all human participants with the smoke of incense, aspersion, or in some other suitable manner. There should be food and beverage available after completion of the main body of the ceremony, and gifts may be considered for other participants, if you choose. Remember to have an offering (such as wood, stone, or herb) for the Earth. And bring a small bag for collecting litter if your chosen site has been abused by prior visitors or if you may have anything of your own to throw away when you are done.

For this ritual, clear understanding and communication are vital. Vocalization is not; what is said is still said. Contact with water from a living source is important. Having it be to the west at the ceremony is not at all. (Elemental water may still be at west, even if physical water is not. Ask prayerfully.) Complete immersion is not absolutely necessary if, for example, a person's health does not permit it or if the water you find you must go to happens not to be deep enough. If you do not have a Basican Compass, holding the Basica open to the page that depicts it in color at the proper moment is allowable, as is reading directly from the Basican Guide as a safeguard against error in memory. Four natural beeswax candles may substitute if candles of all four colors can not be found. You may wish to mark them clearly to distinguish them, since they will represent nothing else in the future and can therefore be saved to commemorate your ceremony. It is more important to keep to the spirit of the ceremony than to the letter.

A Basican Compass design embroidered in color on a piece of unbleached muslin, linen, or other natural fiber may serve as a signifier of your consecration, if you wish. Such an item will either become consecrated by passing through the ceremony with you or may be made so on a separate occasion by passing the item itself through the same ceremony, modified appropriately for the purpose. You may wish to use the same site and/or an anniversary of your consecration, but this is not required. Thereafter, the signifier is equal to a consecration garment for spiritual intents and purposes. It may also be replaced by another if it comes to be lost or significantly damaged. If you feel you must dispose of a damaged one, please take proper and respectful care in doing so. Basican Compasses obtained after your consecration may also be consecrated in the same way. But this is not so with any items that are not both specifically Basican and directly related to your consecration. For objects you intend to dedicate for other spiritual reasons or purposes, a different ceremony should be used. Ordinary clothing does not become consecrated by passing through your ceremony with you if that is not your intent. Basican compasses need only be consecrated to be worn by consecrated Basicans. Unconsecrated Basicans need not carry out this process.

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