The Basican Consecration Ceremony:

  1. Prayerfully check time and location permission again, even if you have done so before. If you need to be concerned about privacy and/or safety, you may wish also to request protection at this time.

  2. Cleanse all items to be used in the ceremony, yourself and any other participants, and the area where the ceremony takes place (counterclockwise from north back around to north).

  3. Candle ArrangementSet up site: If the ground is at all littered, you may wish to take this opportunity to pick as much of it up as you can and set it aside for proper disposal later. Place the four candles on the ground in their containers in a circle large enough for you to be in when the time comes. They should be arranged with black at north, blue at east, red at south, and white at west. This is the time to change clothes into the other set you have brought. Make sure you have everything you need with you and that it is all within easy reach.

  4. With rattle or other percussion instrument, acknowledge directions (beginning clockwise at east). This may be done with a different rhythm to represent each associated element: air, fire, water, earth. Above, below, and within may also be acknowledged in whatever rhythms seem most appropriate.

  5. Ring bell or use air moving instrument or device to announce starting of the ritual. (Other participants may respond in kind.)

  6. Say: "I now address All. I am [your full, true name]. I now declare my commitment to Ultimate Divine Spirit and to the Basican Guide, represented by this, the Basican Compass [hold aloft or otherwise indicate]: [state contents of the Basican Guide]." When naming each of the 4 Categories of Essential Influence, light the candle corresponding to its color.
  7. Step into center of circle of lit candles. You may lie down, sit, kneel, or stand. "I open myself to the meaning of these things and to Divine Essence and Power for them to do their good work in and through me." Pause.

  8. Enter living body of water. "I lay my trust in them and am cleansed by them." Submerge completely, and briefly lift feet off bottom if possible. It is optional to then move onto your back in a floating position. Being assisted by attendants during this part is also an option.

  9. With a final moment of thought for permission, break open the earth in a modestly small way (outside the circle of lit candles). Step into this place and put the broken ground over the tops of your feet. "I make of my body a vehicle for them and connect with all through them." Raise arms skyward. Pause.

  10. Step carefully out of the broken spot. "From now on, this is the way of my being. I have spoken true." Give offering in broken spot, give thanks, and cover the spot back over with its own dirt.

  11. Ring bell or use air moving instrument or device to mark ending. Other participants may again respond in kind. Blow out candles in reverse of the order in which they were lit.

  12. You may dry off and put on dry clothes and then partake of food and beverage before or after the following step (so long as you are sure to remember to perform that step). Whichever you choose, this would also be the appropriate time to present gifts if you have witnesses and/or attendants for whom you have brought them.

  13. With rattle or other percussion instrument, acknowledge all directions again but in reverse order from that used at the beginning of the ritual.

  14. Clean up, leaving the site at least as healthy as it was when you arrived. Carry away for proper disposal any litter that was collected during step 3, as well as anything of your own that must be thrown away.

    These are the essentials of the ceremony. Embellishment is welcome.

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