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Juliana and Carlo
Lady Juliana de Beaujeu
Lord Carlo Gallucci

from photos by Cedric the Humble
(used by permission)

My lady and I got involved in our local chapter of the SCA, Barony of Thescorre, in autumn of 2001. Since then, we've become rather active members, attending an event almost every month, as well as various practices and meetings that go on over the course of each month. We both participate in archery, Western European dance, and the cooking and baking associated with our local events. We also drum for our local Middle Eastern dance practices as well as at events. She makes most of our garb and enjoys many other arts and crafts. I like to teach juggling at events and have run local weekly practices off and on. We both have had our heraldry devices approved by the Laurel King of Arms and the Society College of Arms. We also each have an Award of Arms and have made banners to display our arms when we attend events (see heraldry photos below).

All of this is stuff I would have loved as a child, though I knew nothing about it back then. I also would have enjoyed the kind and respectful atmosphere one finds in an SCA crowd. Chivalry rates high in this group, and it's for everyone (men and women, adults and children) to practice and benefit from. (To learn more about modern views of chivalry, please visit

The SCA is an educational and service oriented international organization that recreates the ideal aspects of the Middle Ages while leaving out the plagues and persecutions. We like to say we recreate the Middle ages as they should have been. Men and women enjoy a level of equality that not only is well beyond what was known at that time but also perhaps surpasses, in some ways, what we know in most aspects of modern society.

SCAdians (as we sometimes call ourselves) play out our Medieval recreation by way of each of us adopting a "persona", an identity through which we can further our historical study by examining what life would have been like from that person's perspective. We have people with many different types of heritage studying life in many different cultures of that era. We don't require that one limit oneself to study of one's own heritage, so it's not unusual to find a person whose ancestry originated in China or Japan whose persona is Celtic or someone with only European heritage who adopts a Middle Eastern persona, to give a couple of examples.

While those of us who cross gender lines for our personas are in the minoity, those who do so in order to have the persona of their choice are not considered strange in the least. Some of us have personas of the opposite sex, and some have personas of the same sex that cross dress for some reason that is part of the persona's "back story". For example, a woman might have a persona who is also a woman but who is cross-dressing to escape an unwanted arranged marriage. This is something a few women actually did back in the Middle Ages. (It is not necessary, by the way, for women to cross-dress or have a male persona in order to fence, fight, and shoot archery. Research has uncovered the stories of real life women who did those very things in the clothing commonly worn by women of the day. Most women in the SCA do not cross-dress in order to participate in those activities.)

There are many things to do in the SCA: weaving, sewing, and other fiber arts; dancing and music making; cooking and baking; fencing, fighting in armor, and other martial activities; metal work, ceramics, and other crafts; calligraphy and illumination; brewing; and much more. We like to get together in clothing appropriate to the times and places we study and engage in these activities frequently throughout the year. There are SCA groups all over the world, not just in Europe and North America. Everyone with an interest in that time period who wants lots of opportunity to both learn and teach and who wishes to be involved in a fun atmosphere of good conduct and high ideals is welcome. If you are interested in going to SCA meetings, practices, and events, please go to to find your local group.

The SCA - where the women are armed, the men can cook and sew, and all the children's manners are above average!

SCA Video

Pennsic 37, August 2008 -Thanks to Phelan, who captured this video of his lady, Mairead, you can now see and hear members of our barony dancing and drumming at the Pennsic Middle Eastern Dance Expo for the very first time! Drummers: Eldjarn, Dubheasa, Juliana, and me.

SCA Photos

I've tried here to show a little bit more than just my own friends in various outfits ands poses (though they're great people, and they do look wonderful!) I start off with more personal stuff, but I've also included more and more nice shots of different SCA activities. If you'd like some visuals to go with my description of what we're all about:

SCA Photos - Page 1         SCA Photos - Page 2         SCA Photos - Page 3


Filk is parody. The term seems to be a combination of the words "filch" and "folk". If you purloin some old Medieval music, or even a modern day tune, and set to it your own words about either the Middle Ages or our SCAdian recreation of them, the result is a filk. So that you might sample the pleasures of filk, I offer my own SCA Filk Page .

Gnarl Weaving

In 2002, I made a farcical entry in the Arts and Sciences competition at the Annual Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon in the neighboring Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. My entry was to the usual research and documentation as filk is to regular music. This was my first year in the SCA, and my entry of any piece that early on, let alone a farce, was considered by some to be a bold and refreshing move. To others, it was simply puzzling. To see my entry (with some small modification), click on the links below:

The History of Gnarl Weaving

The Process of Gnarl Weaving

SCAdian Website Handiwork

I've had the honor and pleasure of creating simple Websites for some of the activity groups we have in our barony. Please stop by for a visit.

Threadworkers Company of Thescorre - This is linked by a transferring page to the Barony of Thescorre Website, which is the work of others. But I'm not only respnsible for the graphics and layout of the Threadworkers pages, I also deal with the content on behalf of the group. I believe anything there that isn't my work has been properly credited. We have really fun monthly get-togethers, as you'll see if you check out our meeting notes.

Thescorre Dance and Music - Again, this is linked by a transferring page to the Barony of Thescorre Website, which is not my work. As with the Threadworkers site, though, I've made the graphics and layout, as well as added the content.

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