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People on the autism spectrum do not simply evaporate
at age 18 or 21.
Adults on the spectrum continue to exist.

ASD Variety as Expressed by a Series of Graphic Equalizers


Have you come to believe you or someone you love might have Asperger's syndrome / be on the autism spectrum, or has there been a recent diagnisis? Have you felt daunted by the prospect of wading through the results turned up by a search engine on the matter? Could you use a little help sorting it all out? You've come to the right place!
The Asperger's / Autism Toolbox organizes this information for you by providing listings of different resources, organized by category, so you can easily find the information and support that's right for you.
These listings are not meant to be exhaustive, but you can start your search here.

Assembly of the Toolbox began on August 1st, 2012.
The latest update occurred on August 22, 2015
with the addition of my latest blog post:
Intemperate Zone -
A Kind of Horror Story

Over time, more content is intended to be added to various sections.
Please check back again, from time to time, to see how the site has progressed.

What are some online informational resources?
Check out
Website Listings
Are there sites with interactive communities where people on the autism spectrum (and also those who care about them) can communicate with each other?
Check out
Forums Listings
Is anybody blogging or Tweeting about autism / Asperger's syndrome?
Check out
Blog and Twitter Listings


How about online videos?
Check out
Video Listings
What are some of the books that are out there?
Check out
Book Listings
Are there any films available?
Check out
Film Listings


Are there tests online that people can use to see if it's worth considering the possibility that they might be on the autism spectrum?
Check out
Online Tests
What good are tools without things to build?
Check out
Initiative and Action


Is there a way to alert others in instances in which issues arise concerning a person's autism?
Find examples of
Autism Alert Cards
Why should undiagnosed adults find out if they're on the spectrum, and how might this be accomplished?
Learn about
Adult Assessment
Is there a cake involved?
Why, yes! Yes, there is a cake involved!
The Asperger's Cake


Who is the oddly wired individual running this site, anyway?
Learn about
Monkey Pliers
And what does Monkey Pliers have to say about things?
The Mental Workings
of Monkey Pliers
How might you get in touch
with me?
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Monkey Pliers


So, how did this Website come to be?
The Toolbox Origin
"Who loves ya, baby?"
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